Retailers and Distributors


Midzu is being distributed worldwide by several importers and retailers.

If Midzu is still not distributed in your country, please contact us in order to find out what is possible to arrange for your market.


Austria flag - two horizontal red lines separated by a white line Austria Açaí shop
Canary Islands flag Canary Islands Distribuciones Oriplan
Estonia flag Estonia Sojaliit
Latvia flag Latvia Dabas Stacija
German Flag Germany Vitascout
Hungary flag Hungary Flora Natura
Italy flag Italy Midzu Italia
Netherlands flag Netherlands Vitascout
Portugal flag Portugal Efeito Verde
Slovakia flag, white, blue and red rows with cross over them Slovakia Jozef Luptak
Spain flag Spain CARDUELISUR

Other countries Midzu online store

You can also embrace this project and start reselling or distributing in your own country. Contact Midzu informing of your needs and interest, and Midzu will do its best to support you.