How to order

1. Online store orders

To buy online click 'See details' under the desired product, then click 'Add to cart'. If you want to buy more products, please go back to 'Products' and repeat the above steps.
To correct or cancel an item, just click 'Del' by the product or simply change the quantity to 0 (zero) and click 'Update'.
After choosing all the products you want to buy, please go back to Cart, confirm the quantities of the products and click 'Check out'.
Afterwards, confirm your address and choose the payment method.
Finally, confirm all data and click 'Send the order'.
A summary of your order will appear and you will receive a confirmation of success via e-mail, along with the necessary data to pay for your order in case you haven chosen bank transfer. Note: We only accept orders equal to or above €10.

2. Other orders

We also accept orders by:

3. Retailers and Distributors

Visitors interested in becoming Retailers or Distributors should register in the website and then contact us informing of their request. Retailer and Distributor accounts are configured manually by our services.