High Capacity Soymilk maker – 8 L

Makes up to 8 litres of soy milk per batch

Ideal for restaurants or large families

Price: EUR 399.90

Stock: Yes

Code: E1159
Voltage 230 volts

Warranty 3 years

Capacity 6-8 Litres

Preparation time 20 minutes

A multi-function food processor.

Suitable for making soy milk and other types of vegetable milk from almonds, hazelnuts, oat, rice, quinoa and other grains. You can also make smoothies!

With innovative design and ultra-easy cleaning. Stainless steel jar for better durability.

Several programs to prepare milk, smoothies and others, at low cost.

Brief program description:

Soymilk: "Dry bean" or "Wet Bean" - To make milk. Choose "Dry bean" for unground grains and "Wet Bean" for previously soaked grains.

Bean paste - To make bean paste.

Grains - To make milk from a mixture of grains.

Bean Paste / Rice Paste -
For making pastes with cereal grains and rice paste.

Corn Juice - To make corn juice.

Fruit / Vegetable Juice - This program only grinds (does not boil or heat). Ideal for making smoothies and drinks of seeds and nuts.

Washing - Put only water in the jar (never put detergent). It is a quick wash program with water.

The general procedure for a safe operation is:

  1. Add the ingredients to the jar, according to the chosen recipe.

  2. Put in the jar. Make sure the water level is between the minimum and maximum levels.

  3. Put the machine head onto the jar and adjust its position.

  4. Plug the power cord, first to the jar, and then to the plug.

  5. Press “Choose” on the control panel  until the chosen function light turns on. Then press “Start”.

  6. When the program finishes running, unplug the power cord and remove the machine head before using the food.

  7. Always clean this appliance thoroughly and carefully.


The preparation time varies according to the chosen program. It only takes 20 minutes to make 8 litres of soy milk, rice milk or oat milk. When a program finishes running, you will hear a beep sound.

Includes: measuring cup, strainer, power cord and an instruction manual.

This appliance complies with the ROHS regulations.

Made in China.

Power: 2500W heating, 800W motor
Voltage: 220V / 50Hz
Weight: 7 Kg
Capacity: 6-8 L

Equipped with Euro plug, type F.

For more recipes and tips see www.midzuchoices.com

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Soy milk and tofu

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