Midzu Sprouter model II

With electric shower and 2 trays.

Sprout more seeds faster!

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Voltage 230 volts

The sprouter machine uses a technology where mist and oxygen are applied simultaneously to sprouting seeds. The air oxygenates the water and the sprouts.

The sprouts require little water, but large amounts of oxygen. Traditional sprouting methods provide lots of water and just natural air.

This sprouter can make tasty and nutritious sprouts simply and easily, saving energy and without the risk of having sprouts with mold.

Sprouts dried peas, chick peas, mung beans, lentils, wheat and numerous other seeds.


Digital panel with 3 buttons.

Option 3 provides different temperatures to obtain higher or better sprouts

Product features:

  1. High tecnology: Magnetic materials, low corrosion.
  2. No pollution: Suitable for children to observe the natural plant growth.
  3. Healthy green: no need to add any fertilizer or manure. Absolutely healthy and ecological.
  4. Energy saving, no pollution.
  5. Fast: Use only water and oxygen as strengthening, seeds germinate in 2-3 days.
  6. The sprouter can be started with about 100 g of dried grains or seeds
    per tray.
  7. In each tray you can then obtain about 500 g of sprouts. For example,
    100 g of mung bean usually give about about 550 g of sprouts.  100 g of buckwheat
    give about 400 g of sprouts;
  8. With two trays, more grains can germinate at the same time.
  9. Automatic irrigation: 360º automatic water spray.
  10. Low-power water pump: quiet and energy saving.


Installation instructions:

First step: Fill 2/3 of the reservoir with tap water or filtered water. For better results, replace the water in the tank daily.

Set two: Put container on the water tank.

Third step: Put pipe in the germination area. Put on trays the seeds you want to germinate. If you prefer to germinate few seeds you can use only one tray.

Step four: put the breathable cover on.

Step five: Plug into the socket and then set a temperature mode.

Note: For small seeds it is advisable to use a cloth on the trays, to prevent seeds from falling.

The plastic does not contain bisphenol A.

Made in China.


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