Organic wakame seaweed Midzu 1 Kg

Seaweed with great versatility.

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Like a giant oak leaf, wakame grows in the coasts of Galicia and can measure up to 1.5 m. It is one of the best algae to consume raw or for inexperienced cooks.
Selected in the cleanest waters of the Atlantic Ocean coast and dehydrated at low temperatures. White spots may be noticed on seaweed, which are salts that act as a natural preservative.

Ingredients: Organic wakame seaweed (Himanthalia elongata)
May contain traces of crustaceans.

Suggestions for use: Cut the seaweed, let soak about 10 minutes and use in salads, soups, rice or fillings for pies. It can also be cooked 10-20 minutes in casseroles, stews or pizzas. You can also bread and then sprinkle with lemon juice.

Nutritional analysis ( 100g):
Energy: 811 kJ / 195 Kcal
Fat: 1.3 g
of which suturates: 0.4 g
Carbohydrate: 17.2 g
of which sugars: <0.5 g
Proteins: 12.6 g
Fiber: 32.2 g
Salt: 3.55 g

Organic certification by Sativa PT-BIO-03

Keep dry and cool.

Origin: Spain


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