Organic raw Cashews Midzu 5 Kg

Crunchy and delicious. Rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals

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The cashew is a nut and is botanically related to mangoes and pistachios.

The tree produces a pear-shaped fruit called a cashew apple, which gives rise to a drupe that grows on its end. This is the tree’s true fruit, and the seed inside it is the cashew nut.

Cashews are crescent-shaped nuts and they are not only crunchy and delicious, but also a great mineral and vitamin source, rich in proteins, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, and vitamin K.

Serving suggestions: you can eat cashew nuts as a healthy snack, or add them to your favourite dishes, such as rice or salad recipes, desserts or granola. You can also use cashews to prepare a delicious vegetable milk using our Soymilk maker.

Ingredients: Raw organic cashew nuts (Anacardium occidentale)

It may contain traces of other dried fruits and sesame.

Nutrition Information (per 100g):
Energy: 2315 kJ / 575 Kcal
Total fat: 46.35 g
of which saturated fat: 9.15 g
Total carbohydrate: 32.69 g
of which sugars: 5.01 g
Protein: 15.31 g
Sodium: 0.05 g

Organic CertificationSativa PT-BIO-03

Keep in a cool and dry place.

Origin: Sri Lanka

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