Dehydrator Midzu model 4

A safe and effective way to dehydrate vegetables, herbs, flowers, mushrooms and more.

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Voltage 220-240 volts

Weight 3.5 Kg

Power 250 - 300 W

Warranty 2 Years

At an automatically controlled temperature, the air is distributed from the base through each tray, removing excess water from the food.

The nutritional value of the food is preserved, keeping it healthy and tasty.

Dehydration is the most natural and easy way to preserve fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and herbs. The nutritional value of dehydrated products is preserved and they remain not only delicious but also very healthy and tasty.

Dehydration is an advantageous alternative to canning and freezing, which use more energy. The products can thus be processed just after harvesting.
Temperature control makes it possible to dehydrate temperature-sensitive food, and the active flow of hot air ensures a regular dehydration. Thus, the valuable nutrients are fully preserved.
In addition to consuming food simply dehydrated, you can also add it to soups, sauces, mashed foods for babies, breakfast cereals, smoothies and other culinary preparations.

Depending on the food moisture and the air humidity levels, drying times may vary. Use the dehydrator in a well-ventilated area, dust-free and with low humidity levels. Good air ventilation is also important.

The equipment includes 5 stackable trays and 1 mesh (suitable for small berries or very small pieces).

The trays can be stacked higher or lower, depending on the thickness of the dehydrated foods.

With overheating protection.

The base includes the heating elements,engine, fan and thermostat.

Learn more about dehydrating foods here

Estimate the cost of using your Midzu dehydrator here

Includes type C (European) plug.

Temperature range: 35º – 70ºC

Dimensions: 34 × 33 × 18 cm

Weigth: 3.5 Kg

CE Certification. Compliant with ROHS and the most recent European regulations.
The plastic does not contain bisphenol A.

Made in China


Available plugs

Type F:


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