Salt lamp Midzu

A unique hand-carved decoration piece.

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Voltage 230V/50HZ volts

Weight 2.7

Power 10-25 W

Warranty 3 years - Except the lamp

Raw Material of the Crystal Salt Lamp

About 250 million years ago, the earth's plates movement turned a vast part of the ocean into the imposing territory that we know today as the Himalayas. Then, sea salt remained buried 600 metres deep. After millions of years, extrusion at high temperature and contact with rich mineral deposits originated the Himalayan crystal salt.

After their extraction, salt crystals are patiently carved into lamps by local artisans, so each lamp is unique and different from the other. Imperfections and impurities as well as differences in colour and opacity make each lamp unique. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

Salt lamps are water-soluble, so if they are placed in a wet or damp environment, they may start to melt. You should switch on the lamp regularly, so that it can absorb humidity and keep the structure of the salt crystal. If the lamp surface is a little damp, you should wipe it with a dry cloth and go on using it as usual.

If the lamp isn't switched on regularly it may start to melt. The liquid accumulated underneath the lamp may damage its base or wherever it is placed, because salt is naturally corrosive. The best way to prevent this is to ensure it is switched on regularly, so that you can benefit from its beauty and the cosy ambience it is naturally created by its light.

It is approximately 22 cm (9 inches) high and 16 cm (6 inches) wide.
However, the lamp are sculpted by hand and each piece is unique, so the dimensions may vary slightly between each of them.

Use instructions:

  1. Connect the power and check if the bulb lights up.

  2. Place the lamp onto the base and adjust its position.

Includes a lamp.

Switch with a dimmer.

Learn more about the salt lamp here.

Origin: China

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Salt lamp

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